Obstetrical Care

At Hancock Women’s Center, we provide thorough, high-quality, prenatal care, from preconception counseling through the postpartum period.Our doctors, on staff at Hancock Medical Center, have been delivering babies for over 20 years.
•In order to expedite the hospital registration process during delivery, we recommend you pre-register for your epidural with the anesthesia department at HMC around your 28th week of pregnancy.Our close, professional relationship with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine team at Ochsner Foundation Hospital is a valuable resource for our patients.We perform ultrasounds at our office at the beginning of your pregnancy and around the 20th week to monitor the anatomy and growth of your baby.Circumcisions are also performed in the office for your convenience.
•Baby boy should not eat for three (3) hours before the procedure
•Post Procedure Care InstructionsPelvic floor muscle weakness is common after delivery. This condition is assessed in every mother and treated with our in-office pelvic floor muscle biofeedback therapy.

Are you taking your prenatal vitamins?
Whether you are pregnant or thinking about having a baby, prenatal vitamins are important for a healthy baby. Refer to the Nutrition During Pregnancy link for more information.

Have you received your flu vaccine?
The influenza (flu) virus can cause serious illness and complications in pregnant women. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all pregnant women receive the flu vaccine. It is a safe and effective means of protection for both mother and baby. Refer to the Influenza Vaccine or CDC links for more information.